How Do I Come Up With Catchy Copy For My Permanent Makeup Services?

How do I come up with catchy copy for my permanent makeup services?

How do I come up with catchy copy for my permanent makeup services?

This is a question that has infinite answers, but NEEDS to be addressed if you want to capture potential clients’ attention.

Try bringing up a pain point of your ideal client, relate to their emotions, and explain how your service solves their problem! Examples for MICROBLADING below:


Pain Points:

Tired of waking up at the crack of dawn to spend time prepping your brows?

– Do your thinning brows give you anxiety every morning?

– Hate seeing your over-plucked brows in the mirror?

Relating To Emotions:

– It’s awful. We understand.

– I know the EXACT feeling.

– We love staying in our warm beds longer too.


– Microblading allows you to get those extra minutes of beauty rest every morning!

– With microblading, your brows don’t have to make you anxious every morning!

– You don’t have to look at your over-plucked brows in the mirror anymore! Microblading will make your brows look full and fluffy again!



Get creative with your wording! These are just a few examples to come up with catchy copy for your permanent makeup services!


Think about your target market and their problems! How can your service ACTUALLY solve their problems? Once you have this down, play around with wording and incorporate some words will powerful meaning behind them.


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