How to Get Professional Pictures Taken of Your Business For FREE?

Do you ever wonder how to get professional pictures taken of your business for FREE?


It really isn’t that hard to do after you learn how!

Having high quality photos of your PMU Services on your social media and website can set you MILES ahead of the competition.

We want to show you how to get great photographers to take photos for you for FREE!!!

In this video, Ben (CMO of Validus Marketing) will tell you his strategy for getting quality photographers to take personal and business photos without paying any money!!




-Search #citynamePhotographer on Instagram

-Look for a photographer that isn’t a professional but also not a beginner

-Follow them! It makes more of a personal connection knowing that you followed them.

-Send them a simple message about how you want to do a photo shoot! Let them know you’ll give a testimonial or recommendation to help them build their portfolio in return.

-Do this for multiple photographers. This allows you to have more diversity with choosing pictures you want to use.


This is the most efficient way we’ve come across on how to get professional pictures taken of your business for FREE!

There are other ways out there, but this doesn’t take much time. You can also reach out to multiple photographers and keep track of all of their responses in one place.


Make sure to visit Validus Marketing to learn more about how we help PMU artists exactly like you fully book their calendar with appointments! ALSO, find out how we back it up with a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

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