How Can You Get More Reviews For Your Business?


How can you get more reviews for your business?


It’s pretty simple. First, lets go over the quality of your reviews and how to get QUALITY reviews.

Did you know that 93% of consumers look at a business’ reviews before buying a product or service?

Having good reviews can be the deciding factor between a new client booking an appointment with you or not, so make sure you’re asking for a review from EVERY satisfied client. Here is how you get a TON of quality reviews:



Which one sounds better?

“Amy is a nice girl and she made my eyebrows look really good. I’ll probably recommend her.”


“I was SOOO nervous getting my eyebrows microbladed, but Amy made the whole experience comfortable! She made sure to explain everything she was doing, showed me the shape of the brows and explained why they were the perfect fit for my face. She only started when I was 100% ready to go! Now I wake up every day and my eyebrows are PERFECT. I’m obsessed with how great of a job she did and I will be recommending her to anyone who wants their eyebrows microbladed!”

The second one sounds a little better, right?

To get better quality reviews, ask your satisfied clients to write you a review and give them questions to prompt them. Questions like:

– How did you feel before, during, and after the procedure?

– How comfortable are you with the process?

– What’s the best part about having your eyebrows microbladed?

– Would you recommend *your_name* to a friend?


Getting MORE Reviews

A great service will return great reviews, but they’ll come faster and more frequently if you ask for them! Make sure to ask a satisfied client for a review and even offer some incentives if they do (i.e. $40 Off their touch up).

Need to rack up some 5 Star Reviews on Google/Facebook? 

Offer a Low Cost/Free Service with the agreement that afterwards the client will leave a Review on Facebook! 

This is a great way to start building some social proof if you’re just starting out.

**BONUS TIP** Video Reviews are the most valuable kind of reviews you can get! Video content is proven to be more powerful than text content so ALWAYS ask for video content first!


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