How Can I Grow My Instagram Following In The PMU Industry?


How can I grow my Instagram following in the PMU industry?


Getting your posts in front of new eyes can be hard if you don’t know how grow organically!

In this post, I’ll be going over some proven strategies to get impressions like these (see pictures).


Tagging Influencers!

There are people who will scroll through their favorite influencer’s tagged feed on their profile, so tag some influencers in your industry and/or area and watch your impressions in the “Other” section skyrocket!

***Bonus*** We’ve already gotten the chance to test some influencers in the Beauty Industry! Try tagging these accounts for extra impressions on your posts:








If you’re not using 25-29 hashtags per post, you’re missing out on some serious growth! Finding good hashtags takes some trial and error, so just keep testing hashtags again and again until you find a group that gets you good results!

**ANOTHER Bonus Tip** It takes a long time to whip up 25-29 Hashtags yourself, so let other people do the work for you! Search a Hashtag in your industry, find a post in the “Top” section and copy their hashtags! Keep doing this with different posts until you find a group of Hashtags that works for you!



Stories now appear in the Explore Page and since it’s brand new, Instagram is favoring Stories trending in the Explore Page! To maximize your stories being put in the explore page do these things:

Post 5+ Stories A DAY! Instagram is going to favor your Stories in the Explore Page if you’re posting more! Plus that’s just more chances that one of your posts will go viral.

Use Music, Polls, Questions, Sliders, Quizzes, and other Instagram Story Features! The Instagram Algorithm favors stories that have their built in features because they assume those stories are higher quality and therefore belong on the Explore Page!

Get people to respond to your Stories! If your Story is good enough to get responses from your followers, Instagram will assume your Story is good enough for the Explore Page! Ask questions for people to respond to on your Stories, or get a great group of friends to always respond to your stories.


Use these tips to grow your Instagram organically! Once you build up a big enough following, you will be able to advertise your services and deals to your followers.


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