Having a hard time keeping your beauty clients coming back?

Having a hard time keeping your beauty clients coming back?

It’s all about building relationships!

No relationships = no client retention or referrals.



1. USE THEIR NAME! Someone hearing their own name is one of the best sounds they can hear! Every time you see a clients, their name should be the first thing that comes out of your mouth! “Rachel! Great to see you!”

Fun fact: A small amount of dopamine (what makes us happy) is released in the brain when we hear our names. USE THEM!

2. Nobody likes anything more than compliments! Find something you GENUINELY like about everyone! It’s not hard if you really look!

3. Get them talking about themselves! People love to talk about what they did or are doing. It’s human nature. The more they talk, the more you get to know them! The more you know, the closer you get.

4 Find something in common! It’s human nature to blend with people who are similar to yourself. The more you have in common the more likely you are to create and grow relationships!


Building relationships is absolutely essential.

Be somebody that’s hard to forget!

If you have a good enough relationship, you could have an off day and butcher a procedure and they would STILL come back.

Get out there and start building!


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