What is the best way to convert the most leads to your service?

What is the best way to convert the most leads to your service?


Instagram, text, Facebook?

They can work, but not the best route.

It’s by getting them on the phone and connecting with them at a more personable level!


Get On The Phone

By getting on the phone with them, you are building more trust because they are talking to someone who is going to be working on them.

This is where you can start qualifying them.

You can ask questions like: why do you want *insert_service*?, how long have you been thinking about getting *insert_service* done?, have you had *insert_service* done before?.

Ask any question you want to know the answers to before you work with them.

If they ask for pricing right away, just tell them you will get to it in a second and that you need to ask them some questions to see if this service is the best route for them to go.

Some people may be looking for a different look for their eyebrows than the service you contacted them for. Example…

Powder brows vs microblading.

Someone might want more of a natural look (microblading), but saw an ad for your powder brow services.

By asking these questions, you can figure out why they want microblading, phi brows, lip filler, etc.

This is where you’ll figure out why they want your service and can start talking about their pain or insecurity they feel.

Start talking about their problems a little more and tell them honestly how you think your service can be a solution to their problem (or maybe how it might not be a solution).


Don’t sell your services, solve solutions to their problems.



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