Why can’t you sell more people on your PMU services?

Why can’t you sell more people on your PMU services?

There might be a few reasons why, and we’ll make sure to hit the main reasons this could be happening.


1) Stop trying to sell what YOU want and what YOU think will sell well!

It’s not about you or me, it’s about the MARKET’S NEEDS.

You need to listen to your audience and clientele.

Try surveying existing clients and maybe even offer a 10% off coupon for them to fill it out to incentivize them.

Learn what THEY want to pay for, not what YOU want to sell!


2) Stop trying to sell your service!

When you try selling your service, you’re focused on getting them to become a client.

Instead of it all being focused on you, flip it around and sell how your service can fix their problems!

Ex: If someone is insecure about their eyebrows, let them know how microblading will make them feel less insecure about their eyebrows.

It’s all about solving their problems and not as much about paying for your service.


3) Be confident with what you’re saying.

Some artists are more timid and freeze up when they talk to potential clients over the phone.

Just know a few things:

-You don’t have to talk extremely fast. Slow it down so you give yourself time to think.

-It’s just another person that you’re talking to. You don’t have to be perfect with everything you say.

-Know what questions you’re going to ask. Being prepared always helps calls go more smoothly.


So, why can’t you sell more people on your PMU services? It may be a one of these things, it may be more!

Be real with yourself and what you’re doing wrong so you can get more clients in the door.


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