How can you get more people’s attention with your images?

How can you get more people’s attention with your images?

It’s simple!

Don’t forget to edit the lighting/coloring in your photos!

So, making your photo brighter and more colorful makes your photo look more visually pleasing (Obviously).

But editing your pictures also helps with social media algorithms as well!

The software that Instagram/Facebook/Other Social Media platforms use to scan posts and write alt-text is also known to scan a photo for indications that light and color editing has been applied!

If detected, your photo can be pushed better on the platform.


What software do we recommend?

For us, Adobe Lightroom has always outperformed for us.

With a killer mobile app and the ability to apply 3rd party presets, Lightroom will take your photo editing game to a level your competitors can’t match!

Being able to use 3rd party presets (filters) allows you to apply the same aesthetic to your pictures.

This results in your Instagram page having a more put together aesthetic.


You can use other free editing apps on your phone such as Photoshop Express, Ribbet, VSCO, you can edit it in Instagram, etc.

The only downside is there will be things you have to pay for in the free apps to gain full editing control.

That’s why we recommend paying for Adobe Lightroom.



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