Should you hire a business coach?


Should you hire a business coach?


Well, let me ask you this: Has that “business coach” ever grown a business exactly like yours before?

If the answer is no, then you should absolutely not hire that business coach.


We talked on the phone with someone recently that spent $10,000 on a business coach, and $5000 of it was basically thrown down the drain.

The person we talked with wasn’t very careful with who she decided to hire as a business coach..

We found out that the “business coach” had never even grown a salon before!

Why would you pay $10,000 to help you grow your salon when they haven’t helped a salon grow before?




If this business coach has grown their own salon or multiple others to millions of dollars, then that’s a different story.

They know what works, what doesn’t work, how to get new clients, and everything in between.

That is someone who you should hire!


But do you really need a business coach?

Absolutely not.

They’re there to help speed up the process and be a great recourse to go to with any questions.

Yet, you can find all of the information on how to grow your business from all of the tips we provide or even on google.


We will be making a course in 2020 about everything you need to know on how to grow your PMU business.

It’ll be all the information you need to know to succeed compiled into one spot.



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