Why are you not able to compete with your competition?

Why are you not able to compete with your competition?


Well, do you ask enough questions?

Let me explain…


If you DON’T ask, you will NEVER receive!


When you don’t reach out to people to see if they want your service, you won’t ever get an answer.

If you don’t ask for people to refer you to others, you won’t ever know if they can refer another person to you.

Wondering why people won’t leave reviews for you? Try asking them to leave a Google or Facebook review!

What happens if you don’t recommend your clients another service you offer? You might not get them to come in for more of your services.


Asking your clients if they know someone else who needs this service or if they’d be comfortable giving a video testimonial will make your business grow quicker.

The worst thing someone could do is say no.


With no’s, will also come yes’s!


You will start to see more people leaving reviews, referring you to others, coming back to you for other services, etc.

Asking people questions like these is a great way to grow your PMU business.

And remember, if you don’t ask for what you want, you’ll never get it!



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