How can you start generating organic clients through social media?

How can you start generating organic clients through social media?


This is much more simple than you think!

Post DAILY CONTENT based on your target audience’s wants and needs!

Although it does take some extra time in the day, it’s worth it to continue to build your social proof!


When someone visits your profile, you want to make sure you have plenty of your own work and a solid portfolio for them to look at!

The next most important piece to this is the QUALITY of your content!


Make sure to invest in a better camera or lighting source because QUALITY MATTERS!

Newer iPhones have good quality cameras, but if you’re using an iPhone 5c, please switch to a better quality camera.

Nobody wants a poor quality, dark, shady, and hard to see picture because they can’t tell the quality of your work.

Taking a picture with a poor quality camera or bad lighting can make your work even look worse!

It can make the eyebrows you just did look much darker, make skin look more wrinkled if there are shadows, make skin look more oily than usual, etc.


Imagine this…

You want to dye your hair platinum blonde.

So, you go onto Instagram to look at salons that do hair dye.

You wouldn’t choose one that has a picture of someone’s hair that has a green tint because of the lighting in the room would you?

Probably not.


Make sure you’re posting consistently across platform AND with good quality, well lit, non-blurry content!



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